REALSENSE delivers interactive multi-lingual kiosks for non-English speakers in Derby. The aim of the project was to address communication ‘barriers’ and improve the initial contact with individuals from Ethnic Minority Groups when they arrive at a Derby Adult Learning Centre.

REALSENSE made use of the existing technical infrastructure at DALS learning centres for the multimedia kiosks and developed software to provide the user with information, in their first language choice of Punjabi or Urdu, about the English language courses on offer, and offer guidance on the learning support available and how to enrol enrol on a course at a level appropriate to their learning needs.

The kiosk had an easy-to-use language selection process, and a straight-forward menu providing access to information about Courses, Enrolment and Registration information, DALS centres and how to obtain further learner support.


Posted on

24th July 2014