Bespoke Online Training

Every organisation has its own culture and training needs. Our bespoke e-learning developers
are learning innovators with creative minds that will build courses that are as unique as you are.

Meaningful and memorable

 Bespoke e-learning developers, innovators and collaborators that combine cool tech with proven instructional design and great content to deliver meaningful digital learning experiences

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Bespoke e-learning developers

Creating custom online training courses

As well as customising existing courses we have an excellent track record in developing bespoke e-learning for clients across all sectors.

Whether it’s compliance, induction, system or product training, our bespoke e-learning solutions are designed exclusively to reflect your training needs, culture, brand and people.

Perfectly tailored for you

We take time to thoroughly understand the detail of your requirements when creating your bespoke corporate e-learning course. Whether it be delivering accessible content for visually impaired learners, providing training in multiple languages or on various devices, we can help you drive change and achieve your goals.

The real value of our bespoke e-learning courses can be seen by the positive impact it has on your learners and the transformation it has on your organisation.

Collaborative learning approach

Working with you, for you

Whether it be ‘starting from scratch’ or evolving your existing training materials, our bespoke e-learning developers and instructional designers will collaborate with you and your team to identify your training aims and objectives, define learning outcomes and create storyboards to fulfill your training goals.

Our e-learning course authors, creative media and graphic designers and programmers will help plan course content, determine the look and feel of the training solution and will develop and deliver your high quality e-learning solution on time and to budget.

Collaboration is key to success

Our experience shows that collaboration delivers the greatest results and so we involve our clients throughout all stages of production to ensure we maximise the potential of our solutions.

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The RealSense team are a pleasure to work with. We are delighted with their work, the speed in which they respond and can most definitely recommend them.

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