Information and learning management

Administer users, manage resources, communicate information
quickly and effectively. Push out learning, track progress,
monitor compliance, measure competency and deliver results.

Powerful and Intuitive

Simple and easy to use scalable platform solutions providing 24/7 access for your
users worldwide – with powerful tracking and reporting tools at your finger tips

Login screen customisation
Activbase login screen
Activbase login screen
Login screen customisation
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Compleat Advisor screen grab
Activbase login screen
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Activbase is a powerful scalable Learning Platform from REALSENSE.

A simple and easy to use web based platform, Activbase is designed to help with administration, distribution, communication and management of learning for workforces, partners and clients.

Activbase can be configured with your organisation’s brand and tailored to your commercial and learning objectives. You can add users individually or synchronise with your workforce / personnel database, using simple yet powerful user management and reporting features to monitor learner progress and measure training effectiveness.

The smarter choice

If you don’t already have an LMS or are looking for an affordable, simpler alternative, Activbase could be the right solution for you.

Compatibility with
industry standards

Our own courses conform to SCORM / AICC (and some TinCan) e-learning standards. So, as well as working on our own Activbase learning platform, our courses and assessment solutions plug and play on over 30 well-known learning management systems worldwide and are designed to run on any industry standard LMS that is compliant with SCORM or AICC.

Activbase is capable of hosting SCORM courses and assessment solutions and is currently being successfully used for delivering numerous other courses for our clients that were produced by 3rd party e-learning developers.