Assessment tools

Identify and manage risk and achieve compliance. Identify gaps in knowledge and prompt remedial action. Assessments that measure knowledge, skill and competence.

Build a compliant, competent and
high performance workforce

Here’s how we can help you do it… and get results !

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Risk Assessment

Our online risk assessment solutions provide fast effective identification and management of risk. Standardise, distribute and share professional inspection reports with qualified assessors, clients and responsible persons across your organisation.

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GAP Analysis

Gap Analysis software for Financial Services organisations to perform swift analysis of their workforce and IFAs. Topics include Protection, Mortgages, Data Protection Act, Insurance, Investments, Money Laundering, Pensions, Regulation, Legal and Tax.

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Bespoke Assessments

A solution tailored to you can perform surveys and assess the specific skills and competency of your workforce. Our solutions can comprise a large range of question types, that can be randomly generated from a question bank – delivered locally or hosted in the cloud.

REALSENSE created a solution that helps assess our Health Care Professionals. It is simple to use and so easy to report on who did the assesment, when they did it and how they faired. Brilliant.

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