Dougie Mac – Induction Training for Trustees

Mar 31, 2022

The Douglas Macmillan Hospice (Dougie Mac) were exploring ways to provide induction training for trustees that would not only provide important information about the hospice sector, the legal duties of a trustee, and the expectations of the role, but that would also communicate the incredible work of the hospice in the community and the core values that underpin all the wonderful work that it does.

RealSense proposed a bespoke e-learning solution that would bring together these elements to create a piece that would both inform and inspire learners.


Dougie Mac is a large hospice in North Staffordshire, providing specialist palliative care and support to more than 3500 people per year, as well as supporting their friends and family.

The Board of Trustees is a governing body that administers the charity, sets the strategy, formulates policy, and assesses procedures and risk management.


There were a number of key objectives to fulfill as well as a number of challenges to consider. 

    • There was a lot of important information to include as part of the induction program, which, being mindful of the many demands on the Trustee’s time, needed to be brought together in a succinct yet comprehensive way
    • To balance the factual, legal and financial content with the very human aspect of the hospice’s work in a cohesive seamless manner
    • To provide a solution that would resonate with a diverse audience with varying levels of knowledge, undertanding, different perspectives and motivations
    • The solution needed to be intuitive, simple to use and easily accessible from different locations and devices as well as track progress and record completion

Our approach

Working with the Head of Human Resources and the Learning and Development team, we developed a storyboard bringing together the diverse information required, in a fluid and accessible way. We spent time with members of the leadership team who generously shared stories of their experiences at the hospice to really provide a sense of the Dougie Mac’s identity and values. These core values and brand were then communicated throughout.

The outcome

We brought together real-life imagery, infographics and learner interactions to ensure user engagement and interest, resulting in a compact and effective learning resource.

realsense dougie mac 01

To accommodate the delivery to non-employees who would not have access to the organisation’s intranet, we provided the use of our Activbase learning platform enabling the trustees to access their induction course via any standard device, wherever they were located.

realsense dougie mac 03
realsense dougie mac 02

How it was received

“Thank you for making the development of our bespoke training package so simple and taking all the hard work out. The final package really exceeded our expectations and perfectly reflected the Hospice which was very important to us. RealSense were incredibly flexible and accommodating to our needs. Sincerely hope we can work together in the future”

Dougie Mac

Dougie Mac were delighted with the results and continue to use our e-learning courses to train and induct their trustees and employees.

Dougie Mac – learning that reaches further

These digital learning experiences enable easier engagement with more volunteers and members of the community.

The online learning solution comprising course and learning platform demonstrates the power and ease of effective digital learning when wanting to reach out to a broader audience.

realsense dougie mac 04

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