ITV I’m a Celebrity crew prepare for jungle training

Mar 21, 2022

The ITV Health and Safety team took the decision to change their health and safety induction process for their TV show, ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’. Several issues needed addressing – the crew working on-site before receiving induction training, the amount of time that the health and safety team were spending delivering training to multiple groups, the administration of training records, and of course fitting training in with production schedules.

The obvious answer was to use some form of digital delivery, enabling people to learn from the training at a time that best suited them, wherever they were based and before arriving on site.

ITV IAC Elearning Awards

The Project

ITV were seeking a course that moved away from traditional, dry health and safety training, to ensure employees actively embraced and engaged with the information in a way that would bring about positive behavioural change.


I’m Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is a well-known reality TV show set in a jungle / bush environment in Australia. Every year a production crew of approximately 600 people, comprising ITV staff and contract staff, work on the show.

ITV needed to train their staff about the Health and Safety implications and environmental considerations they may face when working in such a specific and unfamiliar environment. Training needed to be undertaken before crew arrived at the site, so people in multiple locations would need access to the training. Refresher training was also required from time to time.

The Challenges

The main challenge facing ITV was how to train people in diverse locations quickly and efficiently. RealSense provided the solution in collaboration with ITV health and safety team, health and safety specialists Praxis42 – by using digital learning technology, that gave learners the ability to access their training wherever they were, at a time to suit them.

ITV were able to access learning records and reports to ensure all of the production team had undertaken their training before arriving or commencing work on site.

The second challenge was to change the perception of health and safety training by making the learning fun, interesting and interactive, so that the learners would positively engage with it.

Our Approach

We worked jointly with ITV, their subject matter experts and our health and safety partner to identify and establish learning aims and objectives, producing a vibrant storyboard reflecting the brand and style of the show.

We liaised with ITV in order to fact-find and understand the key underlying aims and set achievable objectives. We then designed a solution that incorporated these elements into an engaging e-learning course, rich with interactive challenges familiar to those that the contestants faced on the show itself – making the course more relatable, fun, engaging, meaningful and memorable.

RealSense - ITV I'm a Celebrity's Medical Supervisor, Bob McCarron features in the E-Learning course
RealSense - ITV I'm a Celebrity's Medical Supervisor, Bob McCarron features in the E-Learning course

We designed the course with easy-to-use navigation and a logical sequence that related to all elements of jungle life, focusing on potential hazards and issues the crew may face on site.

We focused on show-specific features to create familiarity with the learner and addressed health and safety concerns regarding the environment, fires, weather, animals and insects, and environmental issues as well as all the necessary health and safety needed to ensure the safety of the team and compliance with all safety regulations.

RealSense - ITV I'm a Celebrity Production Crew E-Learning - Animals and insects on site
RealSense - ITV I'm a Celebrity's E-Learning course - Bushtucker

The Outcomes

RealSense helped design, build and deploy the induction training to all 600 employees. The training was brought to life with recognisable faces from the show, the dulcet tones of didgeridoos in the background, brilliant colourful imagery and a splash of humour. All proof that Health and Safety training doesn’t have to be dull.

ITV reported that their crew arrived on-site fully trained, with detailed knowledge of the major risks of the jungle and site safety procedures.

The training was delivered successfully, with an increase in uptake of approximately 25% over previous face-to-face training.

The project collaboration between ITV, RealSense and Praxis42 was nominated for the E-Learning Awards in 2015 with the team being proud runners-up. 

What they said

“Relevant, fun and informative and got some rave reviews from the crew.” said Clare Nichols, Line Producer, ITV Studios.

One of the Australian Crew Members gave some rather unusual but positive light-hearted feedback, “Best induction I’ve come across. Other inductions I’ve done make you want to gouge your eyes out.” The team loved the feedback… and banked that one with a positive smile! 

Best induction I’ve come across. Other inductions I’ve done make you want to gouge your eyes out.

Australian Crew Member

Jackie Little, health and safety risk manager at ITV described the digital learning experence as “a great way of delivering training to a large number of people effectively, keeping it relevant and informative”.


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